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Just Do It.

June 8, 2011


Way back in the stone age, before there were computers and iphones and tablets and even before IBM typewriters, I was the editor of my high school newspaper, the DCS Crusader.  I didn’t do much with the position or the opportunity, other than making a few literary snipes in the religious right little Gulag of a high school that I went to.  I had to type up the copy on a long sheet of mimeograph paper, and drew cartoons by hand and then ran off a couple of hundred copies a month and foisted them on anybody dumb enough to slow down and let me catch up to them.  But I never forgot the sheer glory of being a reporter.

I’ve walked by the BBC Beacon office probably 50 times in the past year, and thought many times about going in and volunteering to be on the staff.  But every time I think of doing that, part of me says, “Hell, you’re too old.  You’re too busy.  Nobody wants to hear what you have to say.”  And so each time I turn and keep walking on  down the hallway, making myself foget about the literary playground that sits just out of my reach.

Until today.  Today, instead of slogging on out into the heat of the parking lot and getting in my car and risking my life the usual 45 times in a 15-minute drive, I turned my steps towards the Beacon office.  And I went in, and filled out an application to be a reporter for the University newspaper.  Why?  Because I still have things to say.  I’m a good writer and with a little work, could be a great writer.  I like a challenge and I don’t give up easy.  In fact, when everybody else throws in the towel, I’m just getting my second wind.  To quote Rob Zombie, “Quit?  Bitch, I have just started.”  Most importantly, I just like to KNOW things.  I like to find out things.  Ten lifetimes aren’t enough for all the things I want to study and do.  But I digress, as always.

So, the question I needed to answer for today’s post is “what did Jasmine Kirpalani leave with you?”  And my answer is:  just do it.  So I did it.  And I hope it’s even more fun the second time around.



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