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May 23, 2011

OK, so we’re supposed to spend a half hour doing nothing, and blog about it. I’m good at looking like I’m doing nothing. I can be so chillaxed that you need to put a mirror to my lips to see if I’m still breathing. I am a Zen Master of doing nothing. Except for my brain, which never shuts up.

Oh, I used to bludgeon it into submission chemically, back when I was younger, but there are too many side effects to that– like, for instance, dropping dead of a stroke or something. Yoga makes every part of my body hurt and meditation encourages me to just fall asleep. So I sit there, perfectly still, looking like I’m meditating, while my brain plays industrial trance to amuse itself.

So I spent a half hour doing nothing, but I didn’t think anything profound or spiritual. I did not have an epiphany, God did not appear to me, and I wasn’t raptured. Maybe I’ve run out of epiphanies. Maybe that IS an epiphany. But my brain didn’t wait around for enilightenment… it has it’s own agenda.

I thought about Steampunk, and whether Goth is really dead. I like Jules Verne and Sherlock Holmes and Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker. Isn’t black a great color? I like pirates.

And so finally the 30 minutes were up and my brain rode off into the sunset, still chattering away.

But Steampunk kicks ass.

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