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Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Has Local Media Forgotten About HIV and AIDS?

May 18, 2011

stop aids now

Florida International Professor Allen Richard doesn’t seem to accept “less than” with grace.  He won’t accept it from students, and he won’t accept it from those who purport to look out for the well-being of those students.  So, when he became aware of just how ignorant students are of the dangers of HIV transmission in the South Florida area, he did something about it.  He and a team of Faculty and students traveled to South Africa to find out how their media is handling the problem:  they filmed the results of their investigation and then compared what they had discovered to the job that Miami media is doing in the fight agains HIV/AIDS.  Clearly, South Africans have taken matters into their own hands in the fight to raise awareness of transmission risks and of the battles faced by those who are HIV+ or who have AIDS.  South Florida local media, on the other hand, rarely even gives the subject air time.

Professor Allan Richard’s full Documentary can be found here:

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